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What a whimsical pixie figurine! It is made of resin. A pixie in a green hat, yellow shirt and blue pants. He is leaning on a burgundy colored mushroom top looking at a red ladybug with black dots. He has a look of awe and wonder on his face. He is standing on a green grassy base that would blend easily with fairy gardens. This pixie figurine is special enough to be in a setting by itself. However, if you wanted him in a garden scene, you could add our Ladybug House, 10¢ wishing well, tall trellis, metal gazebo, tan stone path, happy mushrooms, ladybugs and some of his other pixie friends. Look for those and other miniatures in our collection.

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- Pixie sitting with a mushroom
- Made of resin
- Approximately measures 3"H x 3" W x 2"D
- 1 piece