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These baskets are amazing! Even though they are small, they are woven from top to bottom! When you see one up close, you will wonder how it was made! One basket is round and ,75" in diameter. The other basket is oval shape. It is 1.5" long. Their handles are stiff, do not move up and down. They are made of the same fiber as the basket. You will find many uses for these baskets: a bread or fruit basket in the dollhouse kitchen, filled with eggs for an Easter egg hunt, holding flowers picked from a garden, holding fabric by the sewing machine or a blanket in the bedroom. How will you use them?

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-2 white woven baskets with handles
- Made of stiff fiber
-Approximate size:
Round basket: .75" W .75"D
Oval basket: 1.5"L x 1"W
Basket only height: .5"H
Basket and handle height:1"H
- 2 pieces