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Could this be a hiding place for leprechauns? Or a secret entry for fairies? Who ever uses it will find it MAGICAL! This amazing fairy hatch is made of resin. Textured green plants grow around the base of this 3" high tree trunk. Scales of tree bark adorn one side of the tree trunk, leading up to a round, scrolled green door with a shiny knob. Open the door to find a green and yellow glitter filled entryway , with steps leading down! This is the perfect accessory to add to a fairy garden, table scape, diorama or project especially in spring, or for St Patrick's Day. It would make a unique gift for someone to decorate their work station. Or use it as an original and memorable way to give a piece of jewelry, hiding it in the hatch! However it is used, it is sure to bring whimsy and a smile!

- Tree hideaway for fairies or leprechauns
- Made of resin
- Measures 3"H x 3.5"D x 3.5"W
- 1 piece